About this Site

This website is an ESR service for patients and other interested parties who want information about radiological procedures.

Features on this site:

  • You will find general descriptions of various radiological procedures as well as detailed descriptions of imaging procedures of specific body parts and patient groups (male, female and children).
  • A glossary which is linked to the texts and vice versa will help you find definitions and descriptions of words and wording you might not know.
  • The picture gallery includes example images of radiological equipment and result images.
  • You can download and print all procedure descriptions as PDFs. (Punkt)
  • You can contact the administrator if you have any further questions.
  • We would be happy to receive your feedback! Please use the form in the feedback area.

The site will soon be available in more languages!

How to use this site

Selection of categories:

  • Select a patient group, body part and procedure and in the beginning by clicking on one of the categories.
  • You do not need to define all categories. Just leave out the categories you do not want to define.
  • Then click “PROCEED”.
  • Change your selection later on the right side.
  • You can also jump to another item when you are in a procedure description.
  • The selection will also be saved when you go to the image gallery and can be changed there via the right navigation.


The Authors of the procedure descriptions are:

  • Dr. Christiane Kulinna (Supervisor)
  • Dr. Thomas Moritz
  • Dr. Michael Reisegger
  • Dr. Daniela Kienzl
  • Dr. Sarah Pötter-Lang
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